Students may approach hosts at nearly any academic or research institution in a participating location to seek acceptance and placement. See EAPSI Locations for  a comprehensive list of potential host institutions in each of the seven locations. Please note that this list is only suggestive. You do not have to choose a host from the list.

If your desired host is not listed, that host will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students who have identified a potential host at an institution not listed are encouraged to coordinate with EAPSI staff (e-mail: to determine the possibility of receiving support.

How to Contact Prospective Hosts

Identifying potential hosts and making initial contact with them can be challenging and intimidating. The payoff for successful communication with prospective hosts is increased likelihood applicants will realize their first choice in host sites. See Letter of Introduction Form for details on how to initiate contact with potential hosts in EAPSI locations.

Important Notes:

Students are responsible for identifying and making all the necessary arrangements with their host (s).

Applicants to Japan should seek formal acceptance from a senior-level representative at the host institution (e.g., Professor, Director), even if the applicant’s mentor will be a junior-level (e.g., Assistant Professor) researcher at that institution.